Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FW: CQ Budget Tracker - follow your appropriations bills

This is a reminder that today, May 30, is the last day to request a free trial to CQ Budget Tracker. Please see below for details. 
Note: If you have arlready requested a free trial, please disregard this message.
Dear Colleague,

Appropriations season is in full swing, and this year lawmakers are dealing with $21 billion more than the president requested for domestic spending. To monitor the provisions that affect your interests, turn to CQ Budget Tracker.

Use CQ Budget Tracker to follow the bills you care about – in detail and through every step of the appropriations process.

Visit to request your free trial. (Offer expires May 30.)

CQ Budget Tracker gives you access to:

  • Budget information on federal agencies and programs.
  • Agency-prepared summaries and briefs.
  • Extensive coverage, as well as transcripts, of congressional hearings and conference committee markups.
  • Appropriations news, information and analysis — updated as each bill moves through the legislative process.
  • Postings of draft bills and reports as each appropriations bill gets approved by the committee.

CQ Budget Tracker also offers you customized alerts that notify you when there is action on your bills.


With CQ Budget Tracker, you'll never miss a critical detail on the bills that matter to you. Request a free trial today.




Keith White


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