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Midday Update for THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 2008 – 2:13 P.M.

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  • Inspectors Suggest FAA Slipping on Airline Safety
  • Lawmakers Differ on Farm Bill Financing
  • Senate Republicans Push Quicker Action on Judicial Nominees
  • House Votes to Reauthorize Fire Safety Agency
  • Democrats Scramble To Find Replacement Candidate For Andrews
  • Political Trivia for April 3

Today in Washington

The House  considers a bill reauthorizing the U.S. Fire Administration.

The Senate  continues work on housing and mortgage legislation.

The President   attending NATO summit in Bucharest.

In Washington,  Catholic University holds a teach-in on the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. Until 5:30 p.m., Columbus School of Law, 2nd floor, 3600 McCormack Rd. N.E.


Top Stories

Inspectors Suggest FAA Slipping on Airline Safety

Federal Aviation Administration inspectors and managers told lawmakers Thursday that the agency’s top officials endangered passenger safety by being too cozy with the airlines they oversee.  [Read More]

Lawmakers Differ on Farm Bill Financing

With a little more than two weeks to finish the farm bill, lawmakers were still at odds Thursday over a financing package for the measure.  [Read More]

Senate Republicans Push Quicker Action on Judicial Nominees

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans launched an attack Thursday against the slow pace of approving appellate court nominations, warning that they were contemplating more substantive retaliation.  [Read More]

House Votes to Reauthorize Fire Safety Agency

The House Thursday passed a bill to reauthorize the federal agency in charge of mitigating health and economic losses from fires.  [Read More]

Democrats Scramble To Find Replacement Candidate For Andrews

Democratic Rep. Robert E. Andrews’ primary challenge against longtime Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg leaves local officials with barely five days to find a successor for New Jersey’s 1st Congressional District.  [Read More]

Political Trivia for April 3

When was a U.S. senator from New Jersey last defeated for re-election in a primary?  [Read More]


Political Clippings

The Corydon Democrat reports Indiana 9th District Congressman Baron P. Hill faces three challengers this spring. “But the Democrat is expected to get his party’s nomination, setting up a fourth showdown with New Albany’s Mike Sodrel, who is unopposed in the Republican Primary,” the paper reports. Hill has won two races and lost one to Sodrel. Hill defeated Sodrel in 2002 and then lost in 2004 as a three-term incumbent. Hill then recaptured the seat in 2006. “Each of those races was decided by 5 percentage points or less, and local chairs of both parties don’t expect a potential fourth race to be any different,” the paper reported. “I think this will be a very close race,” Crawford County GOP Chair Daniel Crecelius said.

Seven term Republican incumbent Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo of New Jersey could face a challenge in the 2nd District from Cape May City Councilman and businessman David Kurkowski, the Press of Atlantic City reported Tuesday. He must file by April 7. Kurkowski runs Kurkowski Market Research, a Cape May firm specializing in health-care research, focus groups, consumer research, fundraising and jury research. He won election to the Cape May City Council in 2006 and holds master’s and doctorate degrees in political science. State Democratic leaders have been trying to find a candidate to take on LoBiondo for some time. Former Fairfield Township Deputy Mayor Viola Thomas-Hughes and Bridgeton City Councilwoman Celeste Riley had both expressed interest in running. But Thomas-Hughes, who ran unsuccessfully against LoBiondo in 2006, said she would support whoever party leaders nominate. Riley pledged the same, according to Assemblyman Doug Fisher, D-Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, after ruling out a run, the paper reported.


Today on

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