Monday, November 24, 2008

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Midday Update for MONDAY, NOV. 24, 2008 – 2 P.M.

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  • Obama Promises Early Stimulus ‘Jolt’ to Revive Economy
  • Six-Party Talks On Hold Until Obama Takes Office
  • Napolitano Resignation Would Be Costly for Arizona Democrats
  • Political Trivia for Nov. 24

Today in Washington

The House is in recess, subject to the call of the chair.

The Senate is in recess but will hold a number of pro forma sessions throughout the rest of this year.

The President meets with Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr., and discusses Citigroup bailout; holds a photo op with recipients of the 2008 Nobel awards; meets with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel.

In Washington, Georgetown University Law School hosts Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, who will discuss “Public Interest Litigation in Pakistan.” 5:30 p.m., 550 First St. N.W.


Top Stories

Obama Promises Early Stimulus ‘Jolt’ to Revive Economy

After formally unveiling his economic team on Monday, President-elect Barack Obama said their first order of business will be helping him draft an economic recovery plan.  [Read More]

Six-Party Talks On Hold Until Obama Takes Office

The nuclear crisis in Northeast Asia has reached a critical juncture as six Pacific countries wait for President-elect Barack Obama to restart the delicate negotiations aimed at closing one of the last chapters of the Cold War.  [Read More]

Napolitano Resignation Would Be Costly for Arizona Democrats

If Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano resigns to become Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary, it would have far-reaching ramifications for politics in her state.  [Read More]

Political Trivia for Nov. 24

How many vice presidents were older than the presidents they served under?  [Read More]


Today on

State and local government news from CQ’s sister publication
VIRGINIA: State Moving to Soften Illegal-Immigrant Policies
COLORADO: EPA Slams Plan for Massive Water-Storage Project
GEORGIA: State Schools Chief Files for Bankruptcy
SAN FRANCISCO: Congestion-Pricing Push Faces High Hurdles
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.: Ex-Council President Pleads Guilty in Blackmail Scheme


Political Clippings

The Atlanta Journal-Consitution reports former Vice President Al Gore urged about 600 cheering people in Atlanta on Sunday night to vote for U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Jim Martin on Dec. 2 to help bring about “historic change” in Georgia and the nation. Martin is locked in a tight runoff with incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss. “It’s time for him to go,” Gore said of the Chambliss. “The Bush-Cheney-Chambliss philosophy has been tried and has not only found out to be wanting, it has been found out to be a catastrophe.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that “with Republican Senator Norm Coleman clinging to a reed-thin lead over [Democratic] challenger Al Franken — 180 votes as of Saturday night — the issue of how and when absentee ballots should be counted has election law experts everywhere closely tracking the Minnesota recount drama. In a race this tight, the difference could come down to clerical errors on absentee ballots or even a challenge of Minnesota’s law governing such ballots.” Both sides will appear before the state Canvassing Board Wednesday when there could be a ruling on whether the rejected absentee ballots will be considered. It is unclear how many rejected absentee ballots there are, but they number in the thousands.


This Week in Health Policy on the Hill

Health on the Hill with and CQ are weekly audio updates from CQ reporters highlighting the latest health policy developments on Capitol Hill. A podcast of the report is also available.
MEDICAID: Congress adjourns without taking action on additional Medicaid funding for states.
HEALTH CARE REFORM: Senators meet to discuss roadmap for health care reform action early next year.
ENERGY AND COMMERCE CHAIRMANSHIP: Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., ousts Rep. John D. Dingell to serve as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee next year.
HHS SECRETARY: Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle choice to serve as Department of Health and Human Services Secretary in the Obama administration.
Read the online report | Health on the Hill audio links



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