Monday, May 04, 2009

Analyze President Obama's budget within hours of its release with CQ Budget Tracker

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CQ Budget Tracker Free Trial

Dear Colleague,

President Obama is poised to unveil his fiscal 2010 budget proposal, which will underscore the unprecedented changes and shifting priorities from the Bush administration.

To help you get a complete picture of the budget, as well as drill into the spending initiatives that matter most to you, turn to CQ Budget Tracker.

CQ Budget Tracker organizes the budget by subject area, offers department and agency responses, and provides an in-depth news story on each area.

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Within hours of the budget release, CQ Budget Tracker will offer:

  • The entire budget proposal and the complete package of original-source documents.
  • Agency statements about their sections of the budget.
  • Reactions to the proposal from key Members of Congress.
  • Transcripts of hearings with the OMB director.
  • Original CQ reporting on all major agency proposals.

Further, in the coming weeks, CQ Budget Tracker will cover appearances by administration officials as they visit Capitol Hill to defend their agencies' budgets.

Use CQ Budget Tracker to guide you through the budget season and appropriations process—and what it could mean for your interests.

Request your free trial to CQ Budget Tracker today. It's how you track appropriations. (Offer ends Friday, May 15.)


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