Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Midday Update for Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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  • Sen. Cornyn Calls for Time to Review Files in Kagan Confirmation
  • Interior Kept Up With Oil Spill, Salazar Says
  • Clinton Announces Agreement on Iran Sanctions
  • START Treaty Meets Skeptical Reception From Senate Republicans
  • Financial Overhaul Amendment Sponsors Seek Compromise
  • Congress Without Souder

Today in Washington

The House considers several minor parks and natural resources bills, as well as legislation to reauthorize juvenile justice block grants to states and a bill to authorize bonus payments to states that collect DNA samples from suspects arrested for certain violent crimes and post the information to searchable data bases.

The Senate continues to debate amendments to a bill to overhaul financial regulations.

The President tours V&M Star, a manufacturer of steel tubular goods in Youngstown, Ohio, where he delivers remarks on jobs and the economy; returns to Washington for a later afternoon meeting with Jewish Democratic members of Congress.

In Washington, the U.S. Dream Academy, which provides after-school mentoring and skill-building programs in 10 cities for children of incarcerated parents, holds its ninth annual gala, honoring Dan Rather, Angela Bassett, Judge Joe Brown, Dr. Bernice King and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.


Top Stories

Sen. Cornyn Calls for Time to Review Files in Kagan Confirmation

The White House said it will deliver Elena Kagan's answers to a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire Tuesday afternoon, even as a panel Republican asked that her confirmation hearing be delayed until senators have a chance to review files related to her tenure as an adviser to President Bill Clinton. [Read More]

Interior Kept Up With Oil Spill, Salazar Says

In an effort to blunt Republican criticism that the administration was too slow in responding to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told a Senate committee Tuesday that his agency was "actively and aggressively engaged in this spill from the first events." [Read More]

START Treaty Meets Skeptical Reception From Senate Republicans

The Obama administration sent an all-star national security team to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to urge Senate support for a new nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, but the unified show of support appeared to have little impact on skeptical Senate Republicans. [Read More]

Clinton Announces Agreement on Iran Sanctions

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told lawmakers Tuesday that the United States has reached agreement with major powers, including Russia and China, on a "strong draft" for new United Nations sanctions on Iran. [Read More]

Financial Overhaul Amendment Sponsors Seek Compromise

Sponsors of several controversial amendments to the Senate's overhaul of financial regulation have agreed to modify their proposals, hoping to gain enough votes to include their provisions as the bill moves toward final passage later this week. [Read More]

Congress Without Souder

Some lawmakers walk away from Congress without leaving any footprints. Not so Indiana Republican Mark Souder, who's ending his career today because of a self-inflicted political wound: adultery. [Read More]


CQ Politics: The Eye

Blumenthal Moves to Damage Control: You've seen his problem: hard-to-refute evidence that he talked about serving in Vietnam without having gone through the inconvenience of actually going to Vietnam. You've also seen the reflexive response from Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal's campaign manager, who called this story "an outrageous distortion of Dick Blumenthal's record of service." As he swings into serious damage control mode today, the urgent unknown is whether the revelations will make a difference to the Democrats in Connecticut who were getting ready to nominate him later this week.

'Apostles of Darkness and Ignorance': Even if you're not following the race for governor of California, this San Francisco Chronicle story is worth a look because of candidate Jerry Brown's memorable use of language. On the state's $20 billion budget deficit, the Democrat said, "This thing took years to screw up, and I'm not going to unscrew it overnight." On the ads being run by the Republicans who want to be on the ballot against him this fall, he said, "The apostles of darkness and ignorance are well-heeled, and they have great political consultants."

The CQ Politics staff reports the latest news in House, Senate and governors' races in The Eye.



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