Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Midday Update for Thursday, June 17, 2010

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  • Changes to 'Extenders' Bill Not Enough to Sway Nebraska's Nelson
  • Republican's Apology to BP Chief Steals the Show
  • House Vote Set For Friday on Campaign Finance Bill

Today in Washington

The House considers several minor bills and resolutions.

The Senate continues consideration of legislation on certain tax breaks and social safety-net programs.

The President is briefed on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; meets with Tommy Tradewell, new commander in chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars; meets with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus; meets with Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner; meets with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; meets with James Amos, nominee to be Marine Corps commandant.

In Washington, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. gives the 18th annual Joseph L. Rauh Jr. Lecture at the University of the District of Columbia. 6:30 p.m., David A. Clarke School of Law, Building 38, 4200 Connecticut Ave. N.W.


Top Stories

Changes to 'Extenders' Bill Not Enough to Sway Nebraska's Nelson

The latest set of changes to a broad tax and benefits bill have not swayed a crucial swing voter in the Senate. Ben Nelson , D-Neb., said Thursday morning that he continues to oppose the bill because its costs are not entirely offset. [Read More]

Republican's Apology to BP Chief Steals the Show

BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward appeared before a House subcommittee Thursday prepared to show contrition for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but it was a Republican's apology to the oil company executive that stirred up a political tempest. [Read More]

House Vote Set For Friday on Campaign Finance Bill

House Democrats plan to vote Friday on a White-House backed measure that would impose strict disclosure rules on campaign advertising by independent groups. [Read More]


CQ Politics: The Eye

How To Lose a Race and Still Be a YouTube Star: You may remember Alabama Agricutlure Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson from the ad-gone-viral that elevated his race to the attention of the cable TV talkers. But even though he lost his primary, Peterson hasn't gone away.

Sharron Angle Circa 2004: As a state legislator running for re-election in 2004, Sharron Angle favored voluntary, rather than mandatory campaign spending disclosure and was undecided about the Patriot Act, according to a questionnaire that a former Las Vegas political commentator shared with TPM. Nowadays, of course, Angle's views are a matter of national interest as she takes on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada's Senate race.

The CQ Politics staff reports the latest news in House, Senate and governors' races in The Eye.



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