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Midday Update for Monday, August 09, 2010

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  • House Leaders Expect State-Aid Bill To Pass
  • Ethics Committee Unveils Charges Against Rep. Waters
  • Senate Democrats, Republicans Still Differ on Spending Levels

Today in Washington

The House convenes for a pro forma session.

The Senate has adjourned for the summer recess; reconvenes Sept. 13.

The President welcomes the NFL champion New Orleans Saints to the White House; flies to Texas for Democratic Party events in Austin and Dallas; returns to Washington.

In Washington, the five members of the National Transportation Safety Board meet the board of directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to discuss the recently issued findings and safety recommendations related to the NTSB's accident investigation of the June 2009 Red Line collision of two WMATA trains. WMATA headquarters, 600 5th St. N.W.


Top Stories

House Leaders Expect State-Aid Bill To Pass

House Democratic leaders are confident they will have the votes Tuesday to pass a $26.1 billion bill that would keep more than 140,000 teachers on the job and help states pay for medical care for the poor, leadership aides said Monday. [Read More]

Ethics Committee Unveils Charges Against Rep. Waters

The House ethics committee Monday released a 10-page statement of alleged violations by Maxine Waters , alleging that her chief of staff — who is also her grandson — took active steps to help secure federal support for a bank in which Waters and her husband held hundreds of thousands of dollars of shares. [Read More]

Senate Democrats, Republicans Still Differ on Spending Levels

Some top Senate Democrats say no final decision has been made about whether they will further reduce discretionary spending levels for fiscal 2011 to meet Senate GOP demands. But Republicans appear confident they will prevail. [Read More]


CQ Politics: The Eye

'Bag Drag' Earns Gripes From Texas Democrats: In advance of today's presidential trip to Texas, the Houston Chronicle's R.G. Ratcliffe chronicles the complaints of Democrats who see their party pulling more cash out of the state than comes back via campaign help.

Giannoulias Ad Calls Kirk Desperate: Less than a week after President Obama raised $1 million for him in Chicago, Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias is airing an ad whacking his Republican opponent, Rep. Mark Steven Kirk.

Pawlenty Backs Changing 14th Amendment: In case you're keeping track of how the immigration debate is playing among Republicans who might want to challenge President Obama in two years, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty appeared on Bloomberg Television over the weekend and joined in on the call the amend the 14th Amendment.

The CQ Politics staff reports the latest news in House, Senate and governors' races in The Eye.



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